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Q. What are Custom Screening Libraries?

A. Custom Screening Libraries are designed by you, to fit your exact needs in compound screening. You have control of:

  • The exact compounds to put in it (decide with your chemists, or we can assist)
  • The plate type (e.g. 96, 384 or 1536-well; polypropylene or acoustic-compatible)
  • The plate layout (e.g. 1st 4 columns blank)
  • The volume and concentration (e.g. 2uL/well @ 2mM)

The principle is that Compound Cloud creates multiple copies of each plate, each containing just the right amount of compound per well.


Then, at a convenient time shortly before your assay, you order a new copy of plates for your screen:


On the day of your assay, you simply peel off the plate seal, dilute into the plate to your chosen concentration and then transfer to your assay plate – and the plate can be disposed afterwards.


You can choose to store your other copies with us until you need them, or have all delivered to you together. Either way, you avoid the hassle of having to long-term store and manage your own library, and you benefit from using fresh, properly stored copies for each screen.

(includes cost of 1st shipment)

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Plate Layout

Now you've chosen a format & layout, choose the compounds you want to include in your library. There are 3 ways you can do this:

 Automated Similarity Search
Create a library of compounds similar to one of yours...automatically!

Our ligand-based virtual screening tool integrates Mind the Byte's SaaS platform for computational drug discovery. This state of the art software as a service compares your molecule with Compound Cloud and outputs a list of candidates with similar chemical profile. Whatever number of compounds you choose for your library, we use the top-most candidates. Simple and powerful!



 Choose By Yourself
Simply download our Compound Cloud file of chemical structures, and we leave the rest to you.

Download (.SDF)

Once you have selected the compounds you want, upload your list >>>




(.csv or .txt)
(single column of Compound_Ids only
- no header row required)

Must be same as slider input
 Get Computational Expertise
  • Collaborative research to identify leads and develop drug candidates
  • Cheminformatics, molecular property calculations, data mining
  • Structure, Fragment-based drug design, Computational Medicinal Chemistry
  • Combined data, text and network mining, association analyses



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(Price includes cost of 1st shipment - could be one or all library copies, depending on your requirements.
If not all library copies are to be shipped immediately, additional storage costs will apply for remaining copies.
There may be an additional shipping charge for countries outwith the US and the EU. Please enquire for more details.)
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N.B. libraries are created from a microtube stock of 5.5uL at 10 mM. This is typically enough for multiple assays, and so it is most cost-effective to order multiple copies of your selection. If you are looking to order a large number of compounds for e.g. a MTS or HTS, then please contact us and we can discuss your needs and generate a custom quote offline.