How It Works

Compound Cloud will change the way you screen.

Screen a fraction of the amount of compounds and find valuable leads quicker.

  1. Instead of screening a large screening library (at time and cost), you screen a smarter, reduced-sized screening library from Compound Cloud. Either create your own custom screening library, or simply use one of our ready-made libraries.
  2. You screen, and find hits.
  3. You return to Compound Cloud, and pick follow-up samples based on your hits. Hit confirmation, hit expansion, cluster analysis – whatever your reason.
  4. Compound Cloud delivers within days, and you do further focused work. The cycle can continue until you find the leads you want. SAR has never been easier.

The power of Iterative Screening

“Iterative cherry-picking and screening of small, focused hit analogue subsets provides access to over 90% of a large compound collection”

Yeap SK (Pfizer) et al, J Chem Inf Model (2007) 47(6); 2149

Everyone wins:



  • Choose what’s in your screening library before you start.

  • You already know the hits which come out will be ones you can progress… you’ve hit the ground running.



  • Compounds arrive in the exact format you want.

  • You select the plate type (including acoustic), format, layout, volume and concentration.

  • Use what you need, and stop caring about how or where you are going to store the rest. We do all of that for you.

5. Finally, you can use our chemistry add-on services to get a greater (mg to kg) quantity of your leads, or have a fully customised SAR-seeking library made.

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What compounds can I choose from?

Select from 125,000 compounds. You are free to progress them however you choose! – we take no IP.

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