Custom Library Creator released

Custom Library Creator released

We are excited to announce that our Custom Library Creator tool is available to use now!


You want a quotation? You get one- instantly. Simply choose your compounds, plate type, format and layout – and your price is updated:


We take pride in our unique service – and you now get easy instant access.

You want compounds delivered, literally ready to screen? We give you the right amount in the plate format you want: 96, 384 or 1536-well. You screen using an acoustic liquid handler? Just select that plate type!

You can even select the plate layout you prefer, so that you can get screening instantly in the layout you are used to – no need to reconfigure your liquid handlers or results analysis.



It’s 2016 – and you expect more than to purchase an expensive compound library, only for it to lurk at the back of a freezer with an unknown history. Simply create several copies, store them with us in the right conditions, and order them on-demand as you need…


Have a play now, and take a price into your next meeting. We’re here to make your life simpler.