New Venom Screening Libraries

New Venom Screening Libraries



Novel new libraries for better drug discovery



Compound Cloud have partnered with Venomtech Drug Discovery Solutions to provide simple access to their venom collections.





The G-protein coupled receptors Targeted Venom Discovery Array® contains venoms from 12 species, including venoms identified from literature as active in GPCR pathways to act as positive controls.

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With antibiotic resistance a significant global threat, venoms are proving a rich source of new molecules. Novel antimicrobial peptides and proteins have been found in venoms from snakes, spiders and scorpions.


Check out the Antimicrobial Targeted Venom Discovery Array®.

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Kinases are prime targets for a wide range of disease areas including neurology, ophthalmology and oncology. Venoms are proving a rich source of new molecules to meet the need for novel approaches to targeting these useful mechanisms.


The Kinase Targeted Venom Discovery Array® is specifically designed to maximise the discovery of new tools.

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See these and our other pre-plated screening libraries, available for immediate shipping (delivery in 2-3 days):

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