Ordering Follow-Up Samples

A guide...

You’ve screened your Compound Cloud library, and have a list of hits – what now?

Step 1

Check for availability

Check that we have your hits (or any other samples you’d like to re-order) in stock. Compare your list against our current inventory file, using the “Compound_Id” identifier:

Download Inventory
Step 2

Choose your plate format

Have your follow-up samples delivered to you in the exact plate format you need.

(Example prices for 320 compounds)

Standard: Microtubes

Customised: Plates

plate type microtube rack only polypropylene or acoustic-compatible plates
plate format 384 96, 384 or 1536
layout customisable customisable
amount 5.5ul@10mM only customisable
de-sealing piercing lid (provided) unpeel foil seal
shipping included included
order via Shop: Follow-up Samples Custom Library Creator
price £550 £953*
* price for 384-well polypropylene v-bottom plates

Click on either of the “order via” links in the table above to create your order.


  • the standard Follow-Up Samples (microtubes) option are purchased directly via the website shop
  • the Custom Library Creator (plates) option allows you to fully customise your plates and get an instant quotation; allowing you to create a Purchase Order.


You’ll be prompted to upload your desired list of “Compound_Id” identifiers in either case.


Hopefully this helps speed your way to getting your follow-up samples – please get in touch using the link below if you have any other questions.