Custom Screening Libraries

Custom Screening Library

Custom Screening Libraries

Custom Screening Libraries are designed by you, to fit your exact needs in compound screening. You have control of:

  • The exact compounds to put in it
  • The plate type (e.g. 96, 384 or 1536-well;  polypropylene or acoustic-compatible)
  • The plate layout (e.g. 1st 4 columns blank)
  • The volume & concentration (e.g. 2uL/well @ 2mM)
  • Delivery in just a few more days than for our standard Ready-Made Screening Libraries (much faster than any other compound library supplier)

You’ll also get a price – instantly…

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  • supplied in 96, 384 or 1536-well plates – you decide
  • ready for shipping in days
  • minimal preparation – just peel, dilute & transfer to assay plate
  • choose your own volume, concentration & plate layout
number of compounds

1 to 125,000

data supplied

molecular weight, chemical structure, original supplier, original supplier ID