Follow-up Samples (pack of 320)

Follow-up Samples

Follow-up Samples (pack of 320)

£550 exc. VAT

Follow-up Samples for your primary screen; ideal for hit confirmation or hit expansion. Purchase samples as a pack of 320, and spread this over multiple orders*, or simply as a single order** – you choose how to use it.


(* your first order includes free shipping; shipping charges apply to additional orders)

(** free shipping)

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  • You’ve found hits from your primary screen using your Compound Cloud Screening Library: now order Follow-up Samples for your hit confirmation or hit expansion
  • Provided in standard SBS-format microtube plates (see specifications), with 5.5uL/well @ 10mM, in the plate layout you request. Sealed wells are accessed via the provided piercing lid
  • Sourced from same stock solution as your initial screen
  • Available in packs of 320640 or 2000 wells
  • Check our current inventory before ordering
  • Need a different plate type? Fully customise your plates using our Custom Library Creator
  • Need more quantity? Buy up to 3 packs and we can optionally combine/’pool’ them free of charge (get in touch for more details). For this, refer to our alternative higher-quantity inventory.

plate layout

384W384S, 384W320S(5-24), 384W320S(3-22), Other…