Phenotypic Toolbox


Phenotypic Toolbox

£2,800 exc. VAT

FDA-approved drugs, reference compounds and diverse lead-like molecules conveniently combined in a small, easily-screenable library. Biological annotations provided.


Download the structures now:


Deconvolute your target. Understand the biology. Open your phenotypic screening ‘Black Box’.

Access a Unique Toolbox Library

  • FDA-approved drugs, reference compounds and diverse lead-like molecules in a small combined library
  • Reduce cost & overheads- only purchase the amount needed for one screen

Find the Targets You Are Hitting

  • Compare data with Epigenetic molecules, Kinase & Protease Inhibitors, and FDA Approved drugs with known mechanism of action
  • Identify target class using validated computational models (MACCS Fingerprint similarity, privileged fragments) (reference)

De-risk with Predictive Biological Annotation

  • Easily view mechanistic data from ChemProt database based on biological data associated with similar molecules (Tanimoto score)
  • De-risk development of your hit by cross-analysing available data

Explore the Chemical Space Beyond

number of compounds


plate format

384-well v-bottom polypropylene

number of plates


amount per well

3uL @ 10mM in DMSO

plate layout

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data supplied

molecular weight, chemical structure, biological annotation