Pre-plated and ready for immediate shipping...
Ready-Made Screening Libraries

Just peel, dilute & transfer to your assay plate.

Ready-Made Screening Libraries (Hosted)

Compound Cloud also provides screening libraries from other specialist suppliers:

(Interested in selling or providing access to your own library here? – get in touch)

Follow-up Samples

Follow-up samples to your primary screen; supplied conveniently in 384-well plate format, with 5.5uL/well @ 10mM.

Purchase samples as a pack, and you choose how they are delivered to you: either in a single delivery (free shipping), or spread over multiple deliveries (additional shipping charges apply).

Follow-up Samples (Solid)

You’ve completed your screen, and found your hits… now you’d like access to chemistry / custom synthesis services to advance your leads further.

It’s easy with Compound Cloud – we’ll deliver to you precisely the compounds and increased amounts you require, via our chemistry partners.