You need less compound than you may think

You need less compound than you may think

Traditionally, if you screen compounds you might be used to receiving compounds from vendors or in-house compound management groups in plates with large volumes. 100uL/well is a commonly supplied volume from compound library vendors.

Your first reaction might be of surprise if you receive 2uL@2mM compound per well for your screen.

In fact, 2uL@2mM is an optimised amount and more than you might think.

Let’s use our price calculator to see what that amount buys us. Enter 2uL and your final assay volume (in this example, 100uL) as follows:


Compound Cloud Volume and Concentration Calculator


Typically, your assay might have a final compound dose/concentration of 10uM, so if we cross-check to this tab, we get the following results:


The result is that only 25% of the original compound amount is used – the rest can be simply binned (or even if you are inclined, used on the day for up to 3 further assay plates (given the dead volume constraint).

So we’d have plenty to spare – what if you increased your assay final compound concentration to 20uM? (again, keeping the assay volume of 100uL):


— we are still using only 50% of the original compound, with the final assay DMSO concentration less than 1%.

2uL@2mM then is really an optimised amount for the majority of primary screen assays. That’s why it is the standard supplied amount in our Ready-Made Screening Libraries.

Of course, you can tweak this to your hearts content when creating a Custom Screening Library – perhaps you have a 96-well assay with a large assay volume. Our Custom Library Creator gives you the control you need – have a play and see how it suits you.